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Welcome! I'm glad that you're here!  In these blog pages, I'll be sharing information on a wide variety of topics within the realm of IEP meeting prep & special education for our children.  Thanks for joining me!

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If you're a parent and you don't have it, you need it now!  The IEP Advantage is an amazing course created for parents to learn IEP meeting prep, so they can attend their meetings feeling informed, empowered and prepared!  

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If you're a parent of school-aged special needs children and you've been to an IEP meeting, you know how stressful those meetings can be.  Why are they so stressful?  We'll most likely you experience this because you go to the meetings unprepared.  And when you're not prepared, you don't feel 100% confident.  What if I told you that I can show you the was to get 100% prepared and how to feel confident through an online workshop that you can attend with me and other parents like you?  Find the workshops tab and sign up now, because the first step to IEP prep is being offered to you completely FREE!  You're not going to want to miss out on this.  But, thing is, you have to act fast, because seats are being filled as we speak!  And once it's full, it'll no longer be offered for FREE!  

About Author: Tracie Kelly

Tracie Kelly is the course creator of The IEP Advantage course and the creator of The IEP Advantage Community. With this course, she is single-handedly revolutionizing the way parents of school-aged special needs children in the USA prepare for their IEP meetings. She is working to make her course THE new standard for IEP prep for parents in America. Tracie recently spoke at The World Autism Conference in Loveland, CO about IEP meeting prep and continues to reach out to let parents know there is help for them with IEP meeting prep!  Learn more today by looking around The IEP Advantage community and join me on social media (TikTok & Facebook)!

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