Welcome to a NEW WAY to IEP Prep!

Welcome to a
NEW WAY to IEP Prep!

Parents - Are you ready to get  The IEP Advantage?

Are you ready to get the IEP Advantage?

Dear Parents of School-Aged Special Needs Children: 

Welcome to The IEP Advantage!  This letter is for parents of school-aged special needs children that have an IEP.

I was wondering, have you ever had thoughts like these...

"There is so much to know about the IEP, I feel overwhelmed!"

"I don't even understand my child's disability fully.  Plus, I have no idea who is supposed to help my child during the school day!  What kind of services do I ask for?  

"How does an IEP work?  Will the have to school give my child 1:1 services if I demand it?"

"I get SO nervous when I go into the IEP meeting!  And when I'm there, I have no idea what they're talking about!"

"I don't even know where to begin with preparing for the IEP meeting!  I'll just show up & let the school tell me.  The school knows what's best anyways.  They're the professionals, not me!"

"How in the world am I supposed to know what an IEP, IDEA, LRE, PLAAFP and all that is?  There's so much to know - it has a language of it's own and I'm so busy!  I don't have time to learn all this!"

"I don't know what an IEP is, what all the laws are, or what it even does! I don't even understand my child's disability! It's all so confusing!

I get it! I used to think these thoughts too, because the IEP meetings can be so difficult & overwhelming sometimes! But, it's time to change your way of thinking...

Because There's  A New Way...

We're on a mission to help parents of school-aged special needs children have successful IEP meetings, 
with our new online course
 The IEP Advantage!

We're Going to Forever 
Change The Way You IEP!

  It's an IEP Meeting Prep Course Made for Parents, by a Parent!

Once you've completed this course, you'll feel confident & prepared...
Guaranteed or Your Money Back & You Keep The Course!
We Take The Stress Out Of IEP Meeting Prep! 
Hi friends! I am Tracie Kelly, and I am a mom of a son with Asperger syndrome (autism). Today my son Spencer is a thriving and successful young man that has finished his accounting degree at Oakland University. He is a public speaker, autism advocate, and has owned a successful skincare business for these past 7 years,, since he finished ninth grade.
But way back when Spencer was a toddler, he was developing very unusually. He presented as very autistic and had many special needs that challenged his daily functioning and communication. In our first school district, my son attended a special needs preschool and it was very difficult to get him the services he needed. Quite honestly, it felt like a fight with the school, just simply trying to get my son the help he needed. It took several meetings that included the district’s special education superintendent and lawyer, that never went in our favor. Feeling very diminished, intimidated and defeated, we withdrew from that program not long after. The truth is, had we just understood the IEP meeting process and everything the IEP entailed, those meetings and my sons preschool experience could have went so much better. But, we had no idea what we were doing! Back then, we didn't even understand that the IEP was a legal document! Well, as the saying goes... you don't know what you don't know!
But way back when Spencer was a toddler, he was developing very unusually. He presented as very autistic and had many special needs that challenged his daily functioning and communication. In our first school district, my son attended a special needs preschool and it was very difficult to get him the services he needed. Quite honestly, it felt like a fight with the school, just simply trying to get my son the help he needed. It took several meetings that included the district’s special education superintendent and lawyer, that never went in our favor. Feeling very diminished, intimidated and defeated, we withdrew from that program not long after. The truth is, had we just understood the IEP meeting process and everything the IEP entailed, those meetings and my sons preschool experience could have went so much better. But, we had no idea what we were in for!   Back then, we didn't even understand that the IEP was a legal document!  Well, as the saying goes... you don't know what you don't know!
"The Dreaded IEP Meeting"
"The Dreaded 
IEP Meeting"
There is a legal document which is an agreement that we parents have to sign to get our kids individualized special education services from the school district, called the IEP. Once a year, at a minimum, we all go to special IEP meetings with the school Special Ed IEP Team and hammer out the details of what kind of services and supports our children need and how often they'll receive them. We talk about their present level of performance and goals we’d like them to work towards that school year.

If you're a parent of a school-aged special needs child, you likely know the fear, loneliness, anxiety, confusion, and intimidation that you can feel during these IEP meetings! I don't need to tell you! I, too, was struggling, stressing, confused, and feeling  thrown into this world of special ed and IEPs, with nobody to show me the way! It was horrible!  I would constantly read all over the internet parents’ stories of how hard their IEP meetings were! I just knew there had to be a better way for us parents. But how? There was no system, nothing out there to show me the way.

"I was determined that the next school experience 
would be a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE for my son,

"I was determined that the
 next school experience 
for my son

 because I didn’t want school to be a negative experience, like it had become when we ended that Special Ed preschool experience!  Watching your child go from excitement of starting school to becoming extremely fearfully to go to school, and NOT being able to tell you why, is horrific!  Spencer was a very bright kid and I believed that school was where he belonged, as long as he could have a positive experience with the right supports in place!  It was time for us to find a new school district & a new way to make this IEP work for my son!"

"… Since I couldn't find anything to help me in person or on the internet, I created a system to get completely prepared for our upcoming IEP meeting.

And it worked great!"

Way back in 2006, I underwent a huge transformation in understanding the entire IEP meeting process. I studied it like it was a college course!  I researched, learned, & went to in-person IEP events.  I became obsessed!  I was driven.  I learned everything I needed to become confident and feel completely empowered from learning everything that I could about the IEP, the laws around it, what types of services my son could get, and how to prepare for the IEP meetings.

"I really needed the IEP Team and meeting to work successfully FOR my son..."

So, I took all I learned over that past year, and I created a system that I used to be completely prepared for my next IEP meeting... and guess what? I nailed it! It was fantastic! My IEP prep system worked so well, my son's IEP Team said it was amazing, that I was so prepared, and how awesome would it be if every parent would come in prepared as I was?

"That's When I Became an IEP Parent: Informed, Empowered & Prepared Parent..."

And woah! This was the moment when my calling became clear! I had just created something really awesome! So, I mailed out my “IEP Help Disk” – yes, a CD, to every parent I could find that was interested, hoping to show them an awesome system that they could use too to get prepared for their IEP meeting!

"This was the moment when my calling became clear..."

Time went by, or should I say flew by, and now this year my youngest son Grant was graduating high school. What was I to do? Well, it kept coming to me in my thoughts, as I laid to sleep... that I had to go back and share this system with you parents today, because there still is literally nothing to individually help parents with preparing for their IEP meeting!  And I had something that works!
                This is my other son, Grant, who graduated HS Spring 2022.  
   He's also an entrepreneur currently creating his new business now, as well has helping me run The IEP Advantage!
 This is my youngest son, Grant, who graduated in Spring 2023.  He's also an entrepreneur who is currently creating his new business, as well as helping me run The IEP Advantage.

"I initially struggled with this idea, honestly..."

 Did I really want to take on this mammoth task of recreating a course to help parents of school-aged special needs children navigate & prepare for their IEP meeting, especially since I’m feeling free from the school district at last, after all these years, with my youngest son Grant graduating? I knew the idea of revamping, recreating, and moving my course onto a modern platform, would be no small task, my friends!  But, I was being called to this, over this past year. And the thoughts got louder, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  It became my obsession again!

"And then, I realized I MUST share my System With YOU!"

And then, I realized that I HAVE to do this! My opinion is out of it, it's a MUST! There is literally nothing out there to help parents and I have a proven system, right here in front of me (and now you), that will help parents, the same way that I needed help back then! There’s nothing out there telling us parents that we need to be prepared for our IEP meeting, that it is a very big deal, in fact a legal document, and here’s how you do it!

"Now, It's Time For YOU To Become an IEP Parent TOO!

- That is, an Informed, Empowered & Prepared Parent..."

And The Only Way For You To Do This Quick & Easy, Is By Taking The IEP Advantage Course!

So, you then have to wonder, "Why?"

… Why hasn't a course yet been created to help parents with IEP meeting prep?

Why? I really gave this question some thought!  Here's what made sense to me! 

Parents of special needs children have a very full plate. They don't have the time and knowledge to invest. They’re busy taking care of their special needs child, going to therapy and doctor appointments (you know the drill), ON TOP of the ENTIRE rest of their life! And why hasn’t an educator done this yet? Somebody with many letters after their name… it’s because they can’t! They haven't walked in our shoes! Sure, they may have sat at the IEP table, but they don't know life with a special need child, like we parents do, like I do. They don’t understand our lives and what we’re emotionally going through daily! And another reason is that educators WORK FOR THE SCHOOL DISTRICT! How can they be unbiased? How can they be that one educator to stand up, walk to our side of the table and stand up for us parents and show us the way, while they keep their job? The answer is they can’t!

So literally this means that there's no personal guide available to all parents to help you prepare for the IEP meeting, until I decided to share this system with you! 

When it was 2005, and my son and we were going through that initial IEP process and enrolling him is Special Ed Preschool, there was nothing available to help parents with IEP prep. And still today, there remains nothing to help us!  That's insane!!! Sure, there are advocates and attorneys out there that may guide you 1:1, but that could cost you thousands of dollars! 

But on the internet, there are no real instructions; there is no step-by-step guide.  Nothing grabbing you by your hand, telling you to come with me.  I'm going to help you.  It’s going to be okay;  I’m going to show you the way through this confusing process, and I’m going to help you specifically understand your child’s special needs and how they fit into the Special Education process… 


I am so excited to take this journey with you, to have stepped into my calling, and to have created a comprehensive course that can help all parents of school-aged special needs children have a winning IEP.

"After hundreds of hours of hard work dedicated to the process, I am thrilled to present you with the solution, the ultimate system that will personally walk you through IEP prep."

Welcome to The IEP Advantage!
This couse is for all parents of school-aged special needs children that go to school in the USA!

The IEP Advantage!

This course is for all parents of school-aged special needs children that go to school in the USA!

Where we take the guesswork out of
- IEP Meeting Prep -

and give you the shortcut straight to IEP Meeting success 

The IEP Advantage is a course that is comprehensive and revolutionary, and there is literally nothing else like it in the world!  This course is specifically designed to address your child's special needs, so you can understand all aspects of your child's disability, and how it fits into the special education process and related services. It will bring parents complete clarity on their child’s special needs and the entire IEP process.  Plus, a bonus "side result" is that you will have comprehensive records about your child's special needs available at your fingertips at a moment’s notice!

There's Nothing Else 
Like This in The World...

There's Nothing Else Like This In The World...

This system works and it's going to change the way you IEP FOREVER!

Once you've completed this course, you'll feel confident & prepared...
Guaranteed or Your Money Back & You Keep The Course!

"My goal is for my revolutionary new course to become the new standard for helping parents of school-aged special needs children prepare for their IEP meeting, understand their child's special needs, and understand the IEP meeting process..."

"My goal is for parents to become valued members of their child's IEP Team and develop a great, winning relationship with the school district!"

"My goal is for no parent to ever have to struggle and blindly go through their IEP meeting ever again, like I had to experience! "

My goal is to provide parents with a road map to success, so they no longer have to do the IEP process alone!

Our children need to spend these precious formative years in school having the correct tools and supports in place to give them the best outcome for an independent future.  The only way you're going to be able to get caught up to speed quickly and easily is to get this course, because it's going to specifically help YOU & YOUR CHILD!

"Here's The Scoop on The IEP Advantage Course"
In this course you will be guided through these 8 modules...
"You're Getting a COMPREHENSIVE , Personalized System for IEP Prep That You Won't Find Anywhere Else!"
"We're going to move you through the entire IEP meeting prep process in these simple steps..."
We welcome you to The IEP Advantage.  We show you what to expect in each course module, the course directory, info on our referral program,  give you your exclusive invite to our IEP Parents group, plus so much more!
We're now getting started by diving into Your Child's Room!  This module is awesome, organized, methodical, & very personalized to your child!  This module will forever improve your IEPs!  We'll help you understand what disabilities qualify for the IEP & how your child's unique needs fit into this. We'll cover all aspects of your child's disability, how it affects their education, what their outlook is, what their PLAAFP /PLOP is for the IEP and we'll even uncover some specific goals for the IEP.  
Here's what we'll cover:
Next, we're going to cover all your private services & doctor visits to tie them all together as we prepare for your IEP meeting, inside of Your Private Room.
This is where it gets interesting, over in Your School Room!  We're going to uncover every aspect that makes-up your child's school day!  OoHhhh, the records you're building!  So organized, so good for your IEP prep!  You're going to love how thorough this module is!
Your Emergency Room is just what you may think it is!  Got an emergency going down with your school district?  This is the place where we're going to cover & document everything related to what's going on with your emergency!  We'll discuss it, track it, and get it all prepped for your lawyer for possible mediation or trial.
Now that we covered everything above, you're FINALLY ready to head over to Your IEP Room!  See how it's all so much easier when you have a system in place!  Now, it's time to look at the IEP document and completely understand your child's IEP.  We move you through it so easily, step-by-step!  In this module, you're going to not just walk through an IEP with me, but we'll also cover everything else that you need to do & know before, during and after the meeting.  We're going to teach you how to organize all that paperwork in your home, plus into an IEP binder that will go with you to your IEP meeting.  We'll cover Procedural Safeguards, IEP meeting follow-up, plus we're going to cover how to monitor daily progress and how to check-in on your child's IEP goal progress!  We have so much more included right here in Your IEP Room, that will help you get all ready & feeling confident for your next meeting!  But, it doesn't end here!
Moving on over to Your Research Room, we'll hand deliver to you, all of the best resources that we know of, for you to head over and research to learn answers to any questions that you have about your child!  We're handing your this shortcut for success, right here in Your Research Room!  Plus, we give you 25 Tips To Make Sure You're Going To Have IEP Meeting Success!  This module alone holds so many great secrets!  Don't be fooled by it's smaller size!  It's power-packed!
BOOM!  Not only did our course just walk you through every step you need to take to become fully prepared and feeling confident for your IEP meeting, but now you'll get some additional complimentary interactive worksheets that'll give you a fully rounded way to care for and organize the information about the special needs of your child!  These are seriously cool additions!
Get It All For Only $791 $197 
When You Order Today!

NOTE: This introductory discounted price won't last too much longer!  

Yes... for less than the price of an annual premium Netflix subscription, you can get lifetime access to this unique and amazing system that works to provide your child the best educational experience that you can!  You'll be able to use this system for not only YOUR NEXT IEP meeting, but for EVERY meeting thereafter UNTIL your child exits school or the IEP!  It took me from 2006 until 2023 to bring this to you!  You'll get this instantly delivered to you and it will take less time for you to complete than binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix!  (May I add, for a super low introductory price of just $197.  Your saving almost six hundred dollars if you purchase The IEP Advantage course & included bonuses today!)  Let that constant stress and worry about the IEP prep and the IEP meeting change to feeling prepared and confident!  Now that you'll know what to do and how to handle everything IEP, you'll be able to move forward, focusing on your life feeling a bit back to normal!  You'll be able to find the time to get back to the people and things that you enjoy in life!
YES! Give Me Instant Access To The Course & Bonuses For Just $197.00!
If this course only helped you understand what goes on at the IEP meeting, so you wouldn't feel lost, but become a boss, would it be worth it?
If this course only helped you understand your child's disability really well and how it fits into the IEP, so you feel less confused, would it be worth it?
If this course only helped you understand which services can help your child best in school and how to go about getting it, so you can be a strong advocate & make sure your child gets all their special needs met, would it be worth it?
If this course only helped you feel like you have a total understanding and grasp on the IEP meeting, so you wouldn't feel like the school district is bullying you, would it be worth it?
If this course only helped improve your working relationship with the IEP Team, would it be worth it?
If this course only helped you get super organized with all your special needs child's information, therapy, doctor visits, school, & IEP documents, would it be worth it?
If this course only helped you improve the outcome of your child's future life, by learning how to become an amazing advocate, would it be worth it?
If this one course did all these things above and more for you, giving you an advantage by becoming completely prepared & feeling confident with your IEP meeting, by giving you exactly what you need, in a clear-cut, to the point, straight forward step-by-step system, that will save you time, money, stress and give you confidence and freedom, both mentally and with your time, would it be worth it?
"This one course will give you everything you need to know about IEP meeting prep and more... 
This course will help parents understand everything IEP"
By completing this course, you will be prepared to give your child an IEP advantage!  You should also get these additional benefits listed below when you complete the course.  The real questions are; How do you think you'd feel if you learned our comprehensive IEP prep system?  Do you want the shortcut straight to what you need to know for the IEP meeting?  Would you like a home-study course that guides you through IEP meeting prep with entertaining video instructions and interactive worksheets?  Would you like to end up with very prepared & organized records about your child's journey through special education?  Just take a look at these additional benefits you'll gain as you think about the answers to these questions. 
  • ​Learn how to IEP Meeting Prep
  • ​Learn everything about the IEP
  • ​Learn about IEP language & laws
  • ​Understand Your Child's Disability
  • ​Have a great IEP Team relationship
  •  Have super organized records at home and for the meeting​
  • ​​Not feel intimidated anymore
  • ​Feel confident to speak up 
  • ​Not feel lost and uncertain
  • ​Not feel like you're all alone
  • ​Not feel nervous at the meeting
  • ​Not feel overwhelmed or stressed
  • ​Not being totally unprepared
But the real benefit overall from giving your child The IEP Advantage?  By taking this course, you just may learn to make the right adjustments to your child's special education and supports over the school years, so that your child has an improved chance for an independent life as an adult! 
Here Are What a Few educators Had to Say...
“Being prepared for the IEP meeting is the single most important step that every parent of a special needs child should take to help ensure a positive IEP Team working relationship and that their child gets an unique education designed specifically to meet their child's special needs. It's beneficial for parents to come into the IEP meeting with an understanding of the IEP and the laws that provision it, so parents can make meaningful contributions to their child's IEP and understand the process. If you care about your child's education & future, be prepared for your next IEP meeting, so you can be the best parent advocate that you can be!" -K.M.
As a classroom teacher, I am always grateful for parents who come to IEP meetings prepared. The entire IEP process can be very overwhelming. Through the testing, reports, and pages of paperwork, parents may leave feeling discouraged. However, when parents approach the meeting knowing that the teachers and support staff want the best for their child, the IEP process can be very beneficial. I also appreciate when more than one parent is able to be involved.  The IEP will lay out what supports, and frequency of these supports will be provided. Be prepared to ask how these services will be provided and how it will be communicated to you. Lastly, know that you as a parent are a participant in the IEP process and the school wants to hear about ways your child has been successful outside of a school setting and that the school and parents are a team. -J.B.
When You Get The IEP Advantage Online Course 
(For Just $497/$197 With Our Introductory Sale Today!)
You'll Also Get All 8 Of These Bonuses Added For FREE... Plus A FREE Mini-Course!
 We hope that you don't mind if we OVER-DELIVER on value to you!
When you get The IEP Advantage, you'll give your child The IEP Advantage in school!
Bonus #1 - The Top 50 Most Asked Questions & Answers About The IEP
"The Top 50 Most Asked Questions About The IEP..."
Total Value: $35
When you first learned about the IEP meeting, you probably had lots of questions.  And as time passed, you probably learned some of those answers!  But, do you really know the complete answers to the Top 50 Most Asked Questions About The IEP?  If you really want to be prepared for your IEP meetings, you're going to want to make sure you know these answers!
Get This For FREE When You Get 'The IEP Advantage' Today! 
Bonus #2 - Your Contact List
"Finally, A Way To Keep Those Contacts Organized All In One Place!"
Total Value: $19
Have you been collecting contacts for all people and professionals involved with the care of your special needs child?  Have you written some down... somewhere?  Have some been added to your phone, if you could just remember who they were?  We'll here's a simple solution that I created for you to get your contact list in order and organized!  Plus, there is an area to add notes about these contacts.  
Get This For FREE When You Get 'The IEP Advantage' Today! 
Bonus #3 - The Living Room
"Keep Your Living Room Clean & Organized"
Total Value: $27
This is an awesome tool to help you get it all organized!  Keep your calendar, your child's meds listed, Things to do now, things to do later... This page is to organize your thoughts and daily living all in one space!  Accessible at anytime in your free account!
Get This For FREE When You Get 'The IEP Advantage' Today! 
Bonus #4 - Recommendations
"So Many Recommendations, So Little Time... What was that again?"
Total Value: $19
Did your doctor make a good suggestion for you to look up on the internet?  How about your kid's therapist?  Did they want you to watch an instructional video?  What about your friend... didn't they recommend a good movie?  Well, now you have one spot to jot these recommendations down, and then create a To-Do List so you can keep on top of your recommendations!  An added bonus? You'll have your list that you can easily share with your friends!
Get This For FREE When You Get 'The IEP Advantage' Today! 
Bonus #5 - Related Expenses
"So Many Expenses to Keep Track Of... Now, Where's That Receipt?"
Total Value: $19
Here you go!  One place to track the expenses related to caring for you special needs child... you'll thank me at Tax Time! 
Get This For FREE When You Get 'The IEP Advantage' Today! 
Bonus #6 - Defining My Core Values, Purpose, Visions, & Mission
"How Can I Get There If I Don't Even Know Where I Am?"
Total Value: $32
This may be the coolest bonus of the bunch!  Have you ever stopped to write it all down, to clearly define what exactly your purpose is?  What are your core values?  Do you have a clear vision of how you plan to help your child live their best life?  What about that mission statement... written one lately?  We'll the time is now!  These are incredibly powerful to create and reflect upon often.  It's a sure way NOT to feel lost on this journey!  Don't miss this bonus, it's worth your time!
Get This For FREE When You Get 'The IEP Advantage' Today! 
Bonus #7 - Making Tough Decisions
"Have you been feeling stuck... with thoughts stuck in your mind?  Wanna way to work through the tough tough decisions, so you can STOP procrastinating?"
Total Value: $27
Have you heard of Fear Setting before by Tim Ferriss?  It's looking at those big questions in our lives, you know... the ones that may paralyze us, or keep us on the procrastination highway for years?  It's time to pull up those boot straps, and hit those fears head on!  This worksheet will show you how to think through all your decisions that are literally stopping your life from advancing!  
Get This For FREE When You Get 'The IEP Advantage' Today! 
Bonus #8 - The  Daily Communication Log
"What's Happening At School... Don't have a Clue?  It's Time To Communicate Better!"
Total Value: $19
Do you ever wish that for just one day (okay, who am I kidding... everyday) that you could know how your child's day went?  Did they do good today?  We're they kind?  We're they treated kindly?  What did the teacher do?  Was my child disciplined?  Did they behave in the hallway?  What about lunch?  How did recess go?  My questions can go on for ever, I think!  Well, this bonus is all about creating a communication log that keeps you in the loop daily!  Do you and your teacher already use one?  Well then, let's take a look at it and see what it's missing!  What more do you want to know daily?
Get This For FREE When You Get 'The IEP Advantage' Today! 
By now, You must Be Thinking... 
"What's The Catch to 
Buying this Course?"
 "Am I really Going to be able to prepare This Easily for my IEP meeting?"
yes, you will & There Is NO CATCH!
I'm a mom of a special needs child! I'm not affiliated with any school district. I'm not a teacher. I'm not a trained therapist! I don't work for the government.  I bring this course to you because I created it out of my heart and necessity because our IEP meetings were horribly tough, confusing, and I needed help organizing myself and understanding the whole IEP meeting process. I had to learn the hard way how to get through the IEP meeting successfully, because before I created this course, there was nothing out there to help us parents!  

But, it doesn't have to be hard for you! I did all the work for you and bundled it beautifully into this course!  I took my old course that was on a CD from back in 2006, moved it to the modern platform called the internet!  I added everything that my original course was lacking, such as adding instructional video lessons plus adding online interactive worksheets to accompany those lessons.  I took an already amazing system that I created and I improved, updated and renewed it, so that you parents of school-aged special needs children never have to go through the debilitating feelings that the IEP meeting can induce upon us parents, like they did to me!  I created this system for IEP meeting prep because I want all parents to join me in becoming IEP Parents (Informed | Empowered | Prepared Parents), so you can confidently walk into that IEP meeting and be an amazing advocate for your child!  Because at the end of all this craziness, is our child who needs us to be strong and help them!  They're what matters most!

See, I realized two things! (1) I had no idea what I was talking about in the early IEP meetings.  I didn't even understand they were a really big deal, that the IEP is a legal document!  I didn't know parents and children had rights and were protected by special laws.  I didn't know there was a process to this meeting and that preparing was a necessity!  The (2) second thing I quickly realized was that the school districts have been doing IEP's for years! They have their systems in place. They get trained in negotiations, special education, legal training, persuasion techniques, teaching special education or therapeutic techniques, etc. They are in the school environment every single day! Working... tired... trying their best... getting knocked down by budget cuts, higher-ups saying no, and they are defined by their job title! Sure, maybe in their hearts they'd love to give your child "the best education in the world"... but they are limited, they can only do so much! They have rules to play by or they'll be going against the school culture.  They could even lose their job! 

So, you can see how unbalanced this really is.  We parents don't know anything about the IEP process, while the School Districts are pros and have been doing this for years!  Who do you really think has all the power?  We parents are left to figure this out on our own!  Well, it's time for us to make a shift in this power balance!  We parents need this system for IEP prep to level this playing field!  I'm thrilled to offer my course to you, so you can join us parents in a movement of becoming IEP Parents that are completely informed | empowered | prepared for our IEP meetings!

We parents are already busy, overwhelmed and going through our own challenges in life, plus add in the special needs of our child... and now?  Just when you thought your child would be in good hands getting the supports they need while getting educated, while you get a little break... a whole new set of worries and difficulties with the school presents.  We parents have enough on our plates!  If you're like me you probably never even heard of an IEP until you either got sent to the school district to have your child evaluated or until you tried to enroll your child into school!  We really need a course like this to help us make sure we're getting Informed |Empowered | & Prepared for our IEP meetings! 

I think you'll relate to my feelings when I say this... but I needed to "win" the IEP meeting, because the outcome meant everything for my child! This was no joke... this was my son we're talking about! My son needed my help, and I had no idea how to get help throughout the IEP process! Nobody was offering help!  I started looking on the internet for help with the IEP meeting, and I really couldn't find anything that would grab my hand and walk ME through the process, like my course does. All I would find is the same generalized advice... "look at my prior IEPs, think about some goals, look at my therapist notes, get your child evaluated"... there was nothing out there to lead ME through and show ME the way to IEP successfully for MY child!

So, I created my own systematic process to prepare for my IEP meetings. Specific steps to take, in order, that led to IEP meeting success! That was back when my son was young and after we had left that 1st school district horrible experience. I was determined to get my son back into a new school (new district) where I could have a positive IEP meeting experience and leave the past IEP meetings in the past, as a learning experience. So between those two schools (the preschool and 1st grade), I learned everything I could, diving deep into the IEP! I took notes and created a system that worked! It worked so well, I burned it to a CD and sent it out to as many parents as I could back then, hoping to help them through this IEP process. That was 2006.  

My friends, my goal isn't just to help one or two parents! No, my goal is to create a movement of IEP Parents (Informed | Empowered | Prepared Parents) and completely revolutionize how we parents of special needs children will be INFORMED to understand the entire IEP process and our rights, to be EMPOWERED by understanding our child's special needs and how it affects their education, and to be PREPARED by understanding exactly what goes on in the IEP meeting and how we can best play our role as a parent advocate. I will revolutionize the rulebook, to include a proper training for parents so we never again have to face the IEP Team feeling confused, lost, depressed and unsure! I will create a standard of parental awareness and preparedness in the IEP, so we parents can forever move forward as allies with the school district, locking arms while having our child's unique needs being met in all the wonderful ways they need. So, I ask of you to not only join me in learning how to give your child an educational advantage, but to share the news about this course being available with other parents of special needs children. I invite you to be a part of the change you'd like to see. Alone we are a ripple in the ocean, but together we are a tsunami.  It's time we parents have our IEP meeting prep systems in place!
NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this course and to prevent theft of intellectual property, once the course has been accessed, this course is no longer refundable.  
However, we do guarantee that if you do the work in this course, you will have The IEP Advantage.  This means when you go to your IEP meetings, you will be Informed, Empowered, & Prepared.  
This is my promise to you.

Once you've completed this course, you'll feel confident & prepared...
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Parents of school-aged special needs children:  It's time for you to have a simple system for IEP meeting prep in place.  This is the only way you're going to have access to such a unique course that will take you by the hand and show you the step-by-step process, because there is nothing else like this in the world!

The course material (worksheets) are 100% downloadable, which is awesome because that means it's accessible for you to work on anytime in your schedule.  You'll have the option to save your worksheets onto your hard drive, as well as printing your pages to add them to your course binders (printer & binders sold separately)!  If you ever need support at anytime throughout the course, feel free to reach out to us.  We're here to help you, parents!  We want you to succeed with IEP prep!  Buy this course today, save money and change how you IEP forever!

We'll see you soon on the inside!
Tracie Kelly 
P.S. Make sure you help spread the word about this course!  It's brand new and we'll even reward you for sharing, with a gift of ExpeditionSoaps products!  See our Referral page in Module 1.4 of the course, or contact us for more information at!
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While we do make recommendations during our course, YOU need to take the actions to have success for advocating for your special needs child. Success results can only be achieved by you putting in the time, thought, and doing the prep work. It won't happen simply because you purchased this course. So, take the time and do the work. It'll be worth it!

We guarantee that once you've completed this course, you'll feel confident & prepared...
Guaranteed or Your Money Back & You Keep The Course - but the burden will be upon you, the customer, to prove that you completed the course in full 100% AND you didn't not feel confident and prepared for your IEP Meeting.  If you can prove these things, then the amount that you paid for this course will be fully refunded within 2 business weeks.  This Guarantee is valid within 2 years from purchase date and ends on the day that commences after you've reached 2 years of ownership of this course. After 2 years, no refund is possible, under no circumstances.

We want you to love our products and have great success using them! We don't foresee any problems with our IEP Meeting Preparation system, called The IEP Advantage, but If you do have any concerns our questions about our products, simply reach out to us! We pride ourselves on 100% excellent customer service and we are happy to answer questions to the very best of our ability! You can also join our Parents Facebook group by clicking on the link provided on the last page.

Lastly, we also are creating a podcast series, called IEP Experiences is all about stories from us parents, taking this brave journey through having a special needs child, taking the journey through the IEP meetings. We really look forward to having you as a guest on our podcast.

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