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Where Parents Of School-Aged Special Needs Children Transform Into IEP Parents: 
Where Parents Of School-Aged Special Needs Children 
Transform Into IEP Parents: 

Attn: Parents of School-Aged Special Needs Children - Are you tired of your IEP meetings being so difficult and stressful?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way any longer! The school districts have their IEP systems in place, and now, it's time for you to have yours!

Introducing our all-new IEP Meeting Prep System, created just for parents, called The IEP Advantage.

This IEP Meeting Prep System Transforms Parents Into IEP Parents:

There is literally NOTHING ELSE that will get you completely prepared for your IEP meetings like this course.

This IEP Parent Meeting Prep System teaches parents how to become INFORMED by teaching them all about how the IEP meeting process works. We teach you everything you need to know, from start to finish, literally walking you through each and every step for IEP prep. You'll learn how to master the IEP and the IEP meeting process!

You'll then become EMPOWERED  because not only will you understand the entire IEP process, you'll also be crystal clear on your child's disability and how each aspect of it gets supported inside the school with Special Education.

We teach you how to become completely PREPARED for your upcoming IEP meeting, by providing you with ALL the tools for a very successful IEP Meeting. We don't hold anything back! You will gain amazing confidence, lose stress, and become a respected parent at your child's school!

A huge advantage when you take our course... is that we take documenting your child to a whole new level - and this will prove an invaluable resource many times over!

Look, if you want to save time, money, and effort, while reducing the stress involved with IEP Meetings, this is exactly the course all parents need! There is nothing else out there available that is designed so well, that goes so deep into understanding your child’s disability, that was built with parents specifically in mind!

You'll gain confidence, gain the ability to have a great working relationship with your IEP team, and just finally get some of the handholding help you need to finally understand the IEP meeting prep process (without having anyone else know your personal business, because you'll be able to do this in the comfort & privacy of your home).

You'll also save money and headaches in the long run because you'll be empowered to know how to handle all problems that may arise during your IEP journey. This will potentially save you from having to pay an advocate or lawyer down the road! We help parents, in every way, to get through the difficult IEP meeting prep process!

I don't know how else to make it any clearer... This course is what every IEP parent needs!

Did you know that approx. 7.2 million children in the USA have an IEP? These are all kids & parents that are also demanding the time and efforts of the schools IEP Team. Wouldn't you like to have a course that gives you all the secret advantages the will transform you into an IEP Parent, which gives you and your child an edge with their IEP and with The IEP Team?

 Do you think if you were completely prepared, that you'd create a great relationship with your child's IEP Team, as well as influence how your child will be treated during the school day?

We cannot recommend enough that you check out The IEP Advantage Course today, so you can give your child this secret IEP Advantage...  I mean, you could just skip this because you don't "have any IEP problems"... but are you sure you're not quietly struggling and that you know it all?

Did you know that if you have a child with an IEP, either the parents or their child will eventually struggle with it? Why? Because 99.5% of parents are not going to their IEP meetings fully prepared and the School Districts know this and take advantage of this! Parents don't understand their rights, the laws that protect their child's education, or how to speak the IEP language! This is all much-needed knowledge that cannot be ignored!

But worry no longer! We're the answer you've been looking for! We've put HUNDREDS of hours into creating and perfecting this IEP Meeting Prep Course!!! It's legit! It's the real thing, Parents!

You can keep doing your IEP meetings as you have been, hoping that you get it right... But for everyone else who can admit that it'd sure be nice to have a simple and easy private IEP prep system in place to help you with IEP prep... We're Here for you @!

We don't just stop with the IEP Advantage course, although the course is our cornerstone and the reason why we built this company! We're creating a community just for IEP Parents!

We offer all-new supportive IEP Workshops, where we deep dive in on a specific IEP-related topic, so you can learn these topics from a deeper perspective and overall, become better prepared for your IEP meetings.

We also help parents with IEP prep in a number of other ways, including if you stop by our Blog Page, you'll find great articles with information you need to know about everything IEP. Then, take a stop at our Podcast Page and you'll soon find stories of other parents sharing their IEP experiences or just stories that you may relate to, such as living life with a special needs child. Heading over to social media, we'll soon begin building out our YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook pages, all of which provide additional information related to life as a parent with special needs children and everything related to the IEP. We also will be using email to communicate with you everything IEP & what's happening at The IEP Advantage! Follow us as we grow!

Make Sure You Join Our Community Because We Have So Much To Share With You!

We're just getting started this summer of 2023, but our #1 goal and priority is to serve you, parents! And we have big ideas in store for you!

 One thing that I've learned along my journey, in all honesty, is that had I just known and had all this IEP Meeting Prep information and system working for me, in place, like you'll find here at The IEP Advantage, my initial IEP Meeting experiences could have gone so much differently... so much better.

Perhaps I was meant to have that horribly difficult initial experience with the IEP and IEP meetings, because it led to pulling my heart to serve other parents like you, so they don't have to experience the difficulty with the school districts!

The main questions for you to think about now are:

How do you want to feel at your next IEP meeting?


Would you like to learn about our super simple system for giving your special needs child the best educational advantage that you can?

If your answer is that you want to feel confident and in control at your next meeting and YES! You'd like to learn our super simple system, then head over to The IEP Advantage Course page right now and give your child the very best support that you possibly can! 

And while you're at it, I invite you to hang around and grow with us, allowing us to become your social network for IEP support. We've only just begun.

Join us in making this summer your summer of IEP Meeting Prep, so you can head back in the fall as an IEP Parent: having become: INFORMED | EMPOWERED | & PREPARED.

 Let's do this together, Parents! It Time for Us to Have an IEP Meeting Prep System in Place!

We welcome you here & please, feel free to peek around and explore our community! We invite you to embark on this IEP journey with us, as we begin to kick-off The IEP Advantage for parents! 

We couldn't be more excited to serve you!


-Tracie Kellly 

Ready...  Set...  
Go Back an IEP Parent!

Learn About The Ultimate IEP Meeting Prep Course for parents, Click Below!

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Tracie Kelly, Owner, The IEP Advantage

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While we do make recommendations during our course, YOU need to take the actions to have success for advocating for your special needs child. Success results can only be achieved by you putting in the time, thought, and doing the prep work. It won't happen simply because you purchased this course. So, take the time and do the work. It'll be worth it!
We want you to love our products and have great success using them! We don't foresee any problems with our IEP Meeting Preparation system, called The IEP Advantage, but If you do have any concerns our questions about our products, simply reach out to us! We pride ourselves on 100% excellent customer service and we are happy to answer questions to the very best of our ability! You can also join our Parents Facebook group by clicking on the link provided on the last page.
Lastly, we also are creating a podcast series, called IEP Experiences is all about stories from us parents, taking this brave journey through having a special needs child, taking the journey through the IEP meetings. We really look forward to having you as a guest on our podcast.
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