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Dear Facebook IEP Parents,

Welcome to this very special group for IEP Parents!  I'm so glad that you decided to join into this group that's specifically an IEP Support Group for Parents, because we need to do this together!

I welcome all & hope that the advocates, experts & other parents will chime in and answer your questions, and lively, supportive discussions will be had!  I'm also hoping that we all can find a deep and meaningful supportive connection in this group, because we parents need to help each other through this!

I do something a little different though, than to directly answer individual parents questions! Most times, I leave that to the expert advocates that show up in this group & other parents!  My focus is to facilitate this group and provide a safe place for us parents to gather and discuss IEPs.  Because there's one thing that we all know, that IEPs can be horribly difficult... and they really shouldn't have to be!

But I also do more than that!  See, I have created an amazing course specifically for parents, walking parents through the steps of IEP meeting prep.  There's nothing else like this comprehensive course available for parents, and certainly not at the low, low price of just $97. (Which, btw, won't last forever!)  And once you work through the course, you'll have gained so many wonderful benefits, that will have you fully prepared to walk into your next IEP meeting feeling prepared and confident!

But this page is to offer for you to get my free weekly newsletter, which will be chocked full of useful and important IEP meeting prep info & more! So, If you're in... just fill out the form on this page!  It's that simple and it's FREE to join!

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